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Bookbinding Workshop (Tuesday 14th August 2018)

We are delighted to host a bookbinding workshop with Read That Image. Participants will be introduced to the craft of bookbinding and learn about the different papers, materials and tools needed to create their own hand-bound books. €50, materials included. For more information please click here RTI bookbinding

CULTURE NIGHT (Friday, 21st September 2018)

Open studios 16:00 - 19:00 Watch this space to find out what activities we will be organising…

The core philosophy of Sample-Studios is to support professional development for emerging and established contemporary arts practitioners. Based in Cork city, we look to develop the arts through local, regional and international initiatives. We also encourage the promotion of research and community projects as we strongly believe that art isn’t just for artists.

For arts practitioners: through various levels of membership, we offer access to a community of artists for personal and professional wellbeing, shared facilities and some affordable studio spaces We also award 4 residencies per year to support emerging artists.

For supporters of the arts: We hold a number of events and workshops for which friends and patrons would have special access

Through the introduction of our annual graduate bursaries, the organisation also harbours a unique potential for incubating and nurturing emerging artists wishing to develop their careers in an experienced and supportive environment. Students who are awarded this bursary receive membership for 6 months, access to shared facilities and a solo show as part of the organisation’s visual arts programme. The two bursary types are:

  • artist in residence programme

  • curator in residence

The organisation provides a competent and consistent facility comprising of 27 affordable studio work spaces within a creative environment.

The facilities are thoughtfully arranged to encourage innovative contemporary practice while also acting as a viable venue for commercial artists where they can meet prospective curators, buyers etc.