maura connolly

about the work

In exploring the various aspects of space, light, line, memory and time the representational aspect of the artistic investigation has been replaced by a more non objective approach. Whilst very interested in the surface qualities of various practices on board and canvas the journey that has led to this point is an interest in a more 3D surface effect rather than a 2D manifestation. The work explores the freedom of expression, imagination and the impending mortality that awaits. The viewer is invited to engage with the works whilst relinquishing attachment to a history of premeditated makers of art and instead focus just on pure aesthetic. Each preceding work informs that which follows, giving the working process a physical and conceptual plurality in which each work can function independently or as part of a series. Calmness of thought and hyper awareness of presence gives a freedom of visual artistic expression and allows multiple interpretations by the viewer.




Crawford College of Art and Design Degree Show, Cork, Ireland

Solo Exhibition at Alliance Franc╠žaise de Cork, Ireland

maura conolly work 1