kim-ling morris

about the work

Morris’ work emerges from the events and emotions that touch her life, both big and small. It comments on the absurd, the ordered, unexpected proximities, perfection and the beauty in imperfection. Wherever she is, she is not from there which allows her to view her surroundings with a certain externality, providing the root of her individual presentation.

She is inspired by the inventiveness of poor communities in the world to solve problems with what is available, leaving almost nothing to waste. In her work, she repurposes discarded items, applying textile techniques to found objects and fabrics in experimental combinations.



about the artist

Kim-Ling Morris is UK born and has lived in Europe, Africa and South-East Asia before settling in Cork, Ireland. She trained and worked as a Biochemical Engineer, creating her art practice in parallel. She began with sculpture in Leamington Spa, UK, continuing at the École Duperré, Paris, France, also exhibiting in France. She has gained her Fine Art Textiles Special Purpose Award at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and has exhibited nationally. She is a member of the Cork Textiles Network.


2017 “Pas de Deux”, joint exhibition with Mary Palmer, Alliance Francaise, Cork “Perpetual Motion”, solo exhibition, LISHH Café, Cork “Let’s Dance,” solo exhibition, Bank of Ireland, Patrick St, Cork

2016 “Play”, selected group exhibition, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Ireland “Hares on the March”, selected group exhibition, Dublin, Ireland

2015 “Pigs on Parade”, selected group exhibition, Dublin, Ireland.

2014 “Things/Daiktai”, group exhibition, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, Ireland and the Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Academy of Art in Lithuania

2013 “The 13th Month” selected group exhibition, Tactic Gallery, Sample-Studios, Cork City, Ireland “CTN 2013” group exhibition, Bishopstown Library, Cork, Ireland

“Archives” selected group exhibition, Braintree District Museum, Braintree, UK and Morley Gallery, London, UK Also shown as part of the London Design Festival.

“Brief Exchange 2”, online exhibition curated by Noeleen Doherty

2012 “The Gathering” selected group exhibition, RDS Knit and Stitch Show, Dublin, Ireland.

“Craft of the Honan Chapel” group exhibition, Bishopstown Library, Cork, Ireland

2011 “Colour of Sound” group exhibition, Cork School of Music, Cork, Ireland. Work selected by the School of Music for their archives.

“Now and Then” selected group exhibition, at Leahy’s Architects, Cork City, Ireland

Gloria et Honore Kim-Ling Morris
Après la pluie, Kim-Ling Morris
Lisa Kim-Ling Morris