Located in Churchfield, the new building and associated parking are set behind a wide garden and spinney, an oasis of nature within an edgier part of the city which is open to all visitors.

Sample-Studios front entrance

Tea Room


All Associate Members can avail of the following shared facilities within the building:

  • The Multifunctional Room - for “clean” work such as theatre/dance/performance development, photography, workshops/classe

  • The Tea Room - with kettle, fridge, microwave and dishwasher facilities, dining table, sofa and chairs

  • The Darkroom (under construction)

  • The Media Suite - Apple computer with full Adobe suite for video/film editing and digital image modification and associated printers

Non-members can apply to hire these spaces for art-related purposes at the following rates:

  • The Multifunctional Room: €45 half day/€65 full day

  • The Print & Textiles Room: €45 half day/€65 full day

  • The Darkroom (under construction): €30 half day/€50 full day

  • The Media Suite : €20 half day/€30 full day

Media Suite

Print & Textiles Room: Dye baths

Print & Textiles Room: Felting Table

Multifunctional Room