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TACTIC started as a Sample-Studios member project. Its aim is to bring a programme of independently curated contemporary art exhibitions to Cork.

Past Tactic Visual Arts programmers:

2015 _ 2017 Emily O'Flynn
2012 _ 2015 Gerald Heffernan
2011 _ 2013 Pamela Myers: co-founder of TACTIC
2011 _ 2012 Liam Slevin: co-founder of TACTIC

Curatorial residencies:

2017_2018 Irene Berkery
Katie O'Grady
2016_2017 Alison Fogarty
Dervla Mulcahy

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rolling hills

Isolde Donohoe | rolling hills Curated by Katie O’Grady

The Guesthouse, 10 Chapel Street, Shandon, Cork

15th - 25th June (see poster for times) Opening Reception: Midsummer 21st June at 19:33

rolling hills is a piece to visit with a stream and some rolling hills. The piece is available to see 2 hours 24 minutes a day, starting at dawn, 05:14am, on the first day of the festival and moving incrementally later until its ending at dawn, 05:15am, on the last day of the festival. This time together makes up a day in rolling hills, a plush gush woven into the festival as a whole. The piece will have a party on the summer solstice starting at 19:33 and ending at sundown at 21:57.

Rolling hills

Rolling hills is created by Isolde Donohoe, curated by Katie O’Grady and brought alive with a group of participating artists. The piece is made possible through Sample-Studios, TACTIC, National Sculpture Factory, The Guesthouse Cork and Midsummer Festival.

Isolde Donohoe Conceived in Limerick City by Rory and Carol, born in Dublin City, raised in Clonmel and born again in Limerick City with the help of Limerick School of Art and Design, after which co-founded spacecraft artist studios and currently on residency in the National Sculpture Factory in Cork.

Participating artists: Aoife Delany Reade Aoife Lee Conor Coady Caspar McCabe Day Magee Isolde Donohoe Niamh Dorgan


Between Something & Nothing 300

Between Something and Nothing

February 2018

Artists: Evgeniya Matirosyan

Curator: Pádraig Spillane

Oh everywhere

OH Everywhere There’s Gladness

January 2018

Artists: Maeve Lynch and Michael Cleary

Curator: Alison Fogarty

Tráma invitation 18 04 30 C WEBSITE


May 2018

Artists: Educate Together Secondary School

Paradise of the Heart

Paradise of the Heart

January 2018

Artists: Peter Nash and Thomas Penc

Curator: Katie O’Grady